i’m slowly preparing myself to say goodbye to the best friend i’ve ever had.

from the first moment we sat next to each other it’s been all i’ve ever wished for. so thank you. for showing up when i needed it most, for baking me a multilayer chocolate cake for my birthday, for forgiving me whenever i decide tequila is a good idea and dealing with me the day after, for meowing back and coming to cuddle, for simultaneous netflix study breaks, for letting me call you with my list of problems and talking through them one at a time, for always being up for queso, for being old and married yet understanding my young and reckless, for never judging my crazy, and for always coming over, answering the phone, or just being there.

in such a short time you’ve become my person and i can’t imagine getting through this year any other way or with anyone else.

in the wise words of avril lavigne, my life would suck without you.

I miss you terribly already. I’ll see you in August.

- K.

Story of my life. Oh anxiety cat…

Story of my life. Oh anxiety cat…

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That amazing moment when I look at my klonopin prescription and see the remaining pills are “expired.” Because I didn’t even need one bottle in a year’s span. Things are looking good.

When both gunners argue in class



When People Ask Me About My Law School Classmates



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Maybe the reason I started hating/stopped using this site was because I follow hundreds of blogs of complete crap….. unfollowing spree begins now.


Who would have thought we’d be here together after two years. It’s been a long two years, no doubt, full of more then our share of problems. But still, here we are. And what a lovely ride it’s been


Francesca Joy Sigma Delta Tau Prints!

All I want in life right now is to be Lauren Conrad. Is that too much to ask?

All I want in life right now is to be Lauren Conrad. Is that too much to ask?

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